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This weekend, I was inspired by a Shiny friend. One of her top priorities is: minimalism. What does minimalism mean for her?

TIDINESS. Not that she’s a neat freak. But when I enter her flat, I feel an immediate air of simple elegance. Every thing has its own place. Things aren’t lying around like meaningless trash.

Things are honoured in this flat, and they stand out – because there is less of them.

VALUE. When this Shiny Being decides to keep something, she keeps it because of its value. She keeps what’s valuable for her and lets go of the rest.

QUALITY over QUANTITY. She doesn’t possess a kettle or a toaster.

If she wants to make a toast, she will warm a slice of bread on a pan. She boils water in a saucepan.

Not because she cannot afford a kettle. She simply doesn’t need it. Again, only good quality gadgets have a place in her apartment and her life.

STYLE over DIVERSITY. This Being doesn’t have a problem with buying six pairs of identical socks. She knows she likes their style,

so why gather multiple colours, materials and patterns?

She knows what she likes and goes after it.

SPACE. The space in her flat reflects the space she creates in her life. She knows when to say STOP – and be with herself. Without distractions. Be in peace and quiet. That’s why she is so creative. That’s why I regard her as a truly successful person.