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Working in a corporate is hard for a rebellious human. Rules, company policies, compliance.

Hardest of all – the anonymity. Everyone is working under one Name, but no one knows what other parts of the Corporate are doing. Each individual is responsible for a tiny part of the process. The Corporate Name is famous but what’s behind is anonymous.

A passenger calls me because of lost baggage. But my job is to make reservations, not trace baggage. As a human, I can empathize. As an agent, I can only offer another phone number. Which is not working.

You want me to fly to Norway to get my underwear?

A passenger yells in Hebrew from somewhere in Vienna.

What I really want is irrelevant here. I am speaking on behalf of the Company.

Transfer me to someone who can help me!

But there is no someone. Just another phone number. This is how modern Corporates work. Everyone involved, but no one personally responsible.

The Name visible to all,

The Process hardly traceable.

Thanks for the worst service ever. See you at the Court!

A few minutes later another passenger, also facing a problem I cannot solve:

Thank you for really listening to me. At least something positive in this.

Moments like that make me realise: the human touch does matter. Even when I feel powerless against the System, it is always possible to give another person a gift.

The gift is personal empathy. This is where the power of every human lies.

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PHOTO: Elad Ben-Cnaan