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Today, a Superhuman called Tim Urban inspired me. Tim talked about two concepts: the Monkey mind and Procrastination.

The Monkey mind needs someone else to tell it what to do. 

Procrastination means putting things off because nothing external is forcing us. 

As I was shoving resistor components into a laser printer, I realised it was precisely my Monkey mind that got me here

It is easy to let others tell us what to do, and then wash every trace of personal responsibility off our hands. It is, for many human beings, easier than setting the soul free and being actually faithful to what it has to say. The purpose of each soul is coded in every one.

The problem is, the Monkey mind isn’t trained to listen to the calling from the soul. It is trained to carry out orders. 

The monotonous work I was doing is perfect nutrition for the Monkey mind.

In-out-beep. Carry out orders. Get a financial incentive. Go buy a candy. 

Luckily, my soul gave me a what-the-fuck call. If this was the last day of my life, I would like to spend it surrounded by Shiny Beings, exchangning love and abundance. Not doing repetitive monkey movements surrounded by machines. 

I decided to be faithful to my soul.

Although I won’t get paid for smiling at a friend or walking in the shiny sun, this is Abundance for me.

No monkey movements for an immediate financial reward of XXX CZK per hour can compensate for this.

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PHOTO: Elad Ben-Cnaan