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Working for a couple of days in a factory was a precious experience.

Not because of the XXX CZK. But because I stopped to actually listen to my soul talk to me. It was shouting


I realised that I took up this „robotic job“ because I was seeking instant gratification. In the form of a financial reward. 

I was also trying to escape. As usual. Escape the drive to CREATE. 

Many say that

You don’t CHOOSE to create. You just CREATE.

My Monkey mind prefers to wait for others to tell it what to do. It’s comfortable. But my soul is here to shine. Not to be comfortable.

The time in the factory helped me realise that creating is not a CHOICE for me. It’s not something that my Monkey mind really wants to do. Rather, it is a MUST. The soul needs to BREATHE. 

So, I packed my things in the middle of the morning shift, had a few wonderful conversations with a few Shiny Beings working there and left the factory. And now I’m sitting here, at 11:14 AM, and using my time to CREATE. 

This move was indeed a choice. I could have chosen to stay, at least for a few more days, at least for a few more hours.

But I chose to spend a few more hours with my dear ones.

I chose to do work which won’t pay off immediately. But, unlike working like a robot, it has real MEANING to me.

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PHOTO: Elad Ben-Cnaan