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As I was suffering through another morning workout, my Shiny Coach and Friend shared a thought on bonuses:

Life is a gift. Everything else is a bonus.

Squatting like crazy, I began thinking about the wonderful bonuses I am blessed with. The bonuses to a wonderful gift: the gift of walking this planet in a human existence. The GIFT of LIFE.

My definition of a bonus in life:

Something wonderful which I usually take for granted.

My Bonuses

BODY. The sophisticated machine which we have been studying for thousands of years. And yet, we are far from understanding all its secrets.

MIND. The wonderful tool which I can use to experience the wonderful theatre of life. The tool which can look at itself and study itself. The tool which has the ability to realise: I am.

TREES. The beings that are always there, giving, receiving, communicating silently.

PEOPLE. The colourful players in the theatre of life. Each with a specific role, each with a unique soulprint. Creating families, friendships, relationships. Supporting. Accepting. Loving.

JOY. The moments when I’m peeing myself with laughter – a fun alternative to an abs workout. The feeling of having fun.

MOVEMENT. The possibility that my fully functioning body gives me to get my ass up, do things and see places.

ENERGY. The power which propels every movement, every blink of the eye, every e-motion (energy in motion). The Light that can be measured but never grasped.

And what are your bonuses in your life, Dear Reader?

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Photo: Elad Ben-Cnaan