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Today, the Ukrainian men are banned from crossing the border, some people in Ukraine are sleeping in the Underground and my Ukrainian roommate is fighting despair and fear in Brno. On my morning walk to work, I was listening to an audio book called Ikigai. There, a prayer caught my attention. It is the Prayer of Serenity:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.
I was walking towards my meditation spot next to the railway bridge in front of the office buildings, and thinking :
  • about my family, and my gratitude for them
  • about my roommate, far from her family in conflict-torn Ukraine and
  • about the nature of life.
Then a sentence clear like a Lightning struck me from the phone glued to my ear:
The Unexpected always happens. Sooner or later.
The Unexpected is always there. It’s just not expected – but it’s there. Like the Stars which we don’t see in the daylight – but they’re always there.
Unexpected SHIT will sometimes HIT.
Sometimes I can wash this shit,
sometimes there’s too much of it.
At times when we feel powerless, let us pray the Prayer of Serenity.
Let me
Change what I can change.
Accept what I cannot change.
Know what I can and what I can’t change.
May everyone who is struggling with shit more powerful than themselves finds PEACE OF MIND.
The Unexpected will always happen. Keep our Hearts open.
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